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Copywriting 101

Copywriting 101

In 2021, I became obsessed with copywriting.

I read 16 books, spent 4,400 hours studying blogs, and wrote 326 pieces of content. Here’s Copywriting 101!

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1/ Write Like You Talk

Copywriting is a conversation.

Don’t talk AT your customer.

Make it fun.

2/ Make it Scannable

8.25 seconds is the average human attention span.

Make your copy easy on the eyes.

And you win.

3/ Use Seeds of Curiosity

But there’s more.

So read on.

But I didn’t stop there.

Let me explain.

Now here comes the good part.

These are seeds of curiosity.

Use them.

Emirates - Find your Wow Moment
Emirates – Find your Wow Moment by Andres Quezada, Leonardo Cubeddu, Fernando Tuñón, Luis Navas is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

4/ Understand The Purpose of A Sentence

The purpose of this sentence is to get you to read the next sentence.

And this sentence should get you to read the next one.

And on…

And on…

Captivate people.

Every word counts.

5/ Practice, Practice, Practice

Copywriting is like golf.

The more you play, the better you get.

Wake up and write. Every day.

Trust me.

You’ll be a copy jedi in no time.

6/ Learn from The Best

Copywriting Templates – Justin Welsh

Copywriting Examples – Harry Dry

Copywriting Tweets – Dickie Bush

Copywriting LinkedIn – Austin Belcak

Copywriting Community – Greg Isenberg

These 5 are the copywriting mafia.

7/ Be Authentic

You have a unique voice.

Have fun expressing yourself.

Let your inner artist free.

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