Gender Redefined

Yesterday, someone told me that Harry Styles is ruining the “nuclear family”.

Apparently people are very upset about him wearing a dress in Vogue.

They said he isn’t “manly” now.

deep breath

Heteronormativity ruins the party again.

Dresses are worn by men all over the world. Dresses are for anyone who wants to wear a dress.

Gender roles are a social construct.
The world is non-binary.

When you use Harry Styles as an excuse to attack the LGBTBQ community, you’re not harming Harry Styles, you’re harming your neighbor, friend, cousin, brother, etc.

Harry Styles will never hear you, but they will.

The status quo, but it’s not the world’s reality.

20% of American families are considered a “nuclear family”.

It’s time to talk about the rest of us.

Queer families.
Single parent families.
Couples who choose to not have kids.
Couples that get married after having kids with someone else.

Inclusion means shattering the status quo that has us convinced us that there is one way to exist.

There is no right way.

There is the way that makes people feel whole.

There is the way that makes people feel alive.

There is the way that lights people up.

Life is short, hold on to what makes you whole.

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